Diversified Property Portfolio

Advisory services relating to developable englobo land, biodiversity landholding and tradable share portfolio Total value in excess of $100 million Structured solution across various investments and debt packages Twelve month assistance with property settlements, lender negotiation and capital structuring

South Wharf Commercial Precinct, Melbourne VIC

Development of a 69,000sqm retail and commercial precinct on the southern corner of the Melbourne CBD Structured senior debt arrangements between 4 separate lenders Total debt of $550 million On completion debt to 70% LVR Assisted with legal documentation and settlement Continued project management assistance during construction

Residential Development Site, Woolloongabba QLD

Development of a 2.5ha site on the south east corner of the Brisbane CBD Senior debt arrangement for the refinance of existing facilities and the provision of working capital to complete the development application process Total debt of $15.4 million Leveraged to 65% LVR on existing site value Assisted with legal documentation and settlement

Bulky Goods Centre, Townsville QLD

Provision of joint venture party to take a half share interest in the asset Arrangement of preferred equity piece Total equity of $30.3 million Structured deal providing ongoing coupon payment plus profit share on sale of asset Conservative leveraged senior debt Assisted with structure negotiation, cash flow modelling, legal documentation and settlement

Swiss Grand Bondi Beach, Bondi NSW

Purchased an existing tourist hotel located opposite a land mark beach in suburban Sydney Structured senior and junior syndication Total debt of $160m Senior debt to 80% LVR Mezzanine debt to 95% LVR Assisted with legal documentation and settlement